Selise Astoria

half-elven bard


Selise is rather short, with bright green eyes and long hair that changes colors constantly. She wears thick, hornrimmed glasses and carries a cowbell at her side. Her clothes never match and her lute is covered in little paintings. She typically has a small swarm of orphans around her, when she isn’t playing at the Burly Bench.


Selise Astoria, a half-elf and a talented musician, never quite felt at home in the orphanage of Durn. Teased by humans for her ears, and elves for her human last name, she struck out at age eleven, stealthily avoiding the city guard and creating a home for herself at the Lady’s Cradle, a sort of halfway house for less fortunate citizens of Durn, located just inside the Waterways district. The old man who ran the place, Dravos Parcel, realized Selise’s talent and sent her to the streets to play for money. She was a one-woman band from that day on, bringing in the gold until she was seventeen, when Dravos died, and the Lady’s Cradle was left to his sister, Mona. Mona had less tolerance for her brother’s antics, and expelled the orphans and thieves who were living in the upstairs rooms, turning the place into a reputable inn, and lobbying to have its address changed from the Waterways district to the more affluent Indigo district, brushing just along its edge. Selise has vowed that someday she’ll own the Lady’s Cradle herself. She has often done business with Kallista, using her music and charm to put on a convincing show. She plays most nights at the Burly Bench, along with a few other talented musicians. Her cowbell is most certainly stronger than it looks.

Selise Astoria

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