Founding and the process of Redistricting

Durn was founded six hundred and twenty-two years ago by Nathan Hillam, Rimspeak Quirke, and Ignacio Duarte. It was founded on the basis that anyone of any race, creed, or background could live, work, have a family, and prosper there. After forty-one years of rule, the three original founders handed power over to their sons. Each found the process of ruling the ever-growing city to be overwhelming, and developed a new system of governing.

Durn was divided into three main districts with three main purposes: the Fern District, meant to house the seat of government and the growing number of colleges and schools; the Indigo District, which would hold the port that opened to the Aricor Sea and function as a merchant and commerce district; and the Waterways District, which was where most of the craftsmen made their home, and housed the three main canals which have been used to transport good to the Indigo District.

Twenty years after the process of redistricting the city, it became clear that there was a serious gap in the standard of living between the Fern and the other two districts, particularly the Waterways. In the Waterways, the poorest residents were being forced from their homes, evicted by wealthier landlords living in the Indigo. They retreated to the underdeveloped south east corner of the city, and began to build low income, low quality housing. This area became known as the Grey Burrow. Marta Hallow argued for its creation to the council triumvirate many decades ago, and it was agreed that it would be granted representation on the council, though it retained a poor reputation, and its council representative has always had a hard time maintaining funding.

Many decades later, a fourth district was created — the Whisp. Less a district and more of a set of narrow streets, it was built originally by the first head of the Arcana Transpara, a high elf called Zar’Drivion. A powerful wizard, he delved deep into the occult and dark arts, and sought a place where his students could craft and research spells and rituals without conflict. After his death, some of his students attempted a hostile take over of the Transpara, and were put down by the city guard. After this, the Whisp was put on a brutal lockdown, until a man called Seymour Bragg called for order, and took responsibility for the Whisp. Since then, the Bragg family has remained responsible for representing the burrow in the council, and maintaining its borders. The Whisp remains the most dangerous place in Durn, and the guards posted there are among the most weathered and skilled in the force. Other recruits know that being sent there at a young age is often a punishment, but if you survive, you will surpass the guard of any other district in knowledge, stamina, and skill.


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