Arcana Transpara


After Durn was founded and began to grow, its more magically inclined residents sought to establish a reputation for magical education, and lobbied the council to build a school in the Fern District. While it was originally intended to welcome all students, it quickly developed a reputation of being high brow, elitist, and discriminatory. Humans and full blooded elves were the only typically accepted students. Any half-elf who managed to impress the admissions board was treated with disdain, and sometimes violence, from the other students. Typically, they dropped out.

After a group of half-elf students protested the practices and brought a well-argued case before the council, it was established that no race could be barred from applying, and the college was required to meet a certain diversity quota, both in its student population, and among its faculty.

The founder of the school, Zar’Drivion, resigned after these policies and went on to establish the Whisp Burrow.

Schools of Magic

The Transpara is divided into three schools of magic: necromancy, restoration, and combat.

The school of necromancy specializes in gaining useful knowledge of the dead. Raising the dead, or creating an army of undead is strongly discouraged, though Zar’Drivion was a skilled necromancer and often raised dead animals to entertain potential investors in the college.

The school of restoration specializes in healing magic and magic connected with the earth and elements. The school works in conjunction with the farmers living and working on the outskirts of the districts to maintain the quality of their crops and livestock.

The school of combat specifically teaches war magic, and is done in conjunction with specialists from the city guard. Applicants to the school of combat must pass a rigorous physical entrance, and be in excellent shape.


The college has typically been run by a high elf for the past few centuries, but occasionally a human has taken over. Recently, the first woman, and the first human woman, Dierdra Rift, has taken over as dean of the college.


In addition to the diversity issues the school faced, there have been a number of problems plaguing the Transpara. Recently, the college board has attracted attention by suggesting to the council that magically inclined residents be “tagged” and checked on periodically, to make sure they don’t cause trouble. The council has vehemently rejected this, claiming it violates the principals and the founding documents of Durn. Dean Rift also opposed this suggestion.

Arcana Transpara

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